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Balzac's SWP Decaf 100% Compostable Keurig® Coffee Pods, 18 Pack

  • Smooth, balanced cup of decaf coffee with Balzac's SWP Decaf 100% Compostable Keurig® Coffee Pods. Using the Swiss Water Process, these pods are 99.9% caffeine-free, delivering delicious flavor without the caffeine content. The pods are fully compostable, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable way to enjoy your coffee.100% Compostable Pods - BPI Compostable Certified.
  • 18 k-cups® per box
  • Dark roast decaffeinated coffee
  • Swiss Water Process Certified, Roasted in Canada
  • For use in Keurig® Coffee Makers
  • Swiss Water Process Decaf is a blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans, processed in the 100% chemical free method of Swiss Water. Stout Roast.

  • Please note: Soft Bottom Compostable Capsules are not compatible with the new Keurig K-Supreme or K-Supreme Plus.