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Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Miscela Green Decaf Blend, 50 Nespresso® Compatible Capsules -Original LIne


Experience a "caffeinated" sensation without the rush! Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Capsules' Miscela Green Decaf Blend brings intense, full-bodied flavor to your cup. Roasted and freshly packaged in Napoli, this carefully-selected blend offers the perfect combination--body, persistence, and sweetness--without giving you the jitters. Plug in and power up with the rich taste of Verde: refined, powerful, and oh-so-aromatic (decaf-aromatic).


  • Authentic Italian Espresso: Discover the taste of authentic Italian coffee with Caffè Borbone Respresso Miscela Green DECAFFEINATED Coffee. This rich, robust flavor is roasted and carefully packaged in Naples, where quality coffee is a priority.
  • MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE: This masterfully-mixed medley serves up the ideal harmony of body, longevity, and sugary goodness. The Verde varietal stands out with its polished flavor profile, formidable soul, and bold bouquet—but nada Caffeine Intensity 8.5/10!
  • ROASTED AND PACKED IN ITALY: Caffè Borbone Respresso Espresso Capsules bring a big flavor of authentic Italian coffee straight from Napoli (the city that knows its stuff when it comes to java!) to your home. Roasted and packaged with love and care - this is the real deal!
  • NESPRESSO COMPATIBLE: Whether you need an energy boost or to wind down, a cup of Caffè Borbone is perfect for any time of day! This Italian coffee capsules fit your Nespresso original line espresso machine and other compatible Nespresso pods. Voila!