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Casa Kakau Craft Bean-to-Bar Chocolate with Mango pieces


Vegan! Gluten free! Palm oil free!

Get ready for a burst of vibrant, tangy, and delicious flavors! Mango reigns supreme as the most beloved fruit, hailed for its countless health benefits. In Sanskrit, its name literally means "big fruit," and it's even been dubbed the fruit of love and enlightenment. Legend has it that Buddha himself meditated under the soothing shade of a mango tree.

With its delightful flavor, it's a popular addition to countless sweets and condiments. It perfectly complements Casa Kakau's rich dark chocolate, which is why we've chosen to share this delectable delight with you.


Ingredients: cocoa beans,cocoa butter, brown cane sugar, freeze dried mango 4.5%.
Cocoa solids min.:63%.
Net weight: 70g
Store in a cool and dry place.