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LifeBoost Optimist Light Roast Bean Coffee, 12oz (340g)

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LifeBoost Optimist Light Roast Coffee is specialty-grade and carefully hand-selected from the finest arabica beans. Processed to achieve a light roast, this coffee offers bright flavor notes, low acidity, and a smooth, balanced cup. Enjoy the unique, natural notes of our premium beans every time.

Our LifeBoost Optimist Light Roast beans will make your taste buds sing! Organic beans from Central America deliver a balanced, smooth flavor without a hint of bitterness. Get ready for a delightfully uplifting cup of joe! 340g of espresso perfection awaits.

The journey to bring you the healthiest coffee on the planet begins on a small farm in the shady mountain rainforests of South America, and it journeys through the hands of local coffee farming experts who hand-select and carefully bring you only the finest specialty Arabica coffee beans. 

Our lightly roasted coffee selection, bright and ever-so-slightly more acidic, allows you to best savor the authentic, original, true flavor notes of premium Lifeboost coffee beans.

  • Hand-picked, Spring water washed, Sun Dried
  • Freshly roasted each time you order.
  • 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides + 400 other toxins!
  • Mountain Shade Grown
  • Light Roast Whole Beans Coffee, 12oz (340g)
  • Average pH: 5.1 - 5.8
  • Caffeine Levels: 95 - 150mg per 8oz cup
  • Fairly Traded
  • Single Origin, 100% Arabica Bean