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LifeBoost Sumatra Medium Roast Bean Coffee, 12oz (340g)

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Lifeboost's Sumatra Medium Roast Coffee Beans are roasted to perfection, providing an exceptional flavor and robust aroma. The beans are sourced from the finest quality Arabica, delivering a cup of coffee that's sure to invigorate and delight. Enjoy a cup of this rich and vibrant coffee for an uncommonly delicious taste that celebrates Sumatra's proud heritage.

Sip a cup of LifeBoost's Sumatra Medium Roast Whole Beans Coffee for an unforgettable flavor experience. Grown on small family farms in Mandailing, Sumatra at elevations of 1200-1400 meters, this blend yields a distinguished and robust flavor. An exclusive harvesting season from April to November gives this coffee an intricate flavor profile and mild acidity. Enjoy an aromatic morning cup with the distinctive qualities of Sumatra.


  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Medium Roast Whole Beans Coffee, 12oz (340g)
  • Single Origin - One high-quality source, no blends.
  • Mountain Shade Grown - No pesticides used